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  1. 1. 24 - And for whatever reason I wish that I had two minds Opposite signs, parallel lines, wide point and fine I hate admitting when you're right and I want you in plain sight Isn't it odd? We think a
  2. 2. Amelia,have You Lost - Amelia have you lost your patience With my attempts at conversations? I know I've lost my chance with you I know the words aren't getting through So what should I do? Amelia has the one
  3. 3. Andy In Ten Years - Andy don't speak I hardly think You could live with what you'd say And you're not the kind that likes justice blind When it's facing back your way Andy you're banging on the keys But you
  4. 4. Book of Milionaries - Been too long outside Animal gentry too sure in your stride Raised on small crimes Nickels and dimes always add up in time What's all the hurry to show yourself When you're succeeding as
  5. 5. Chardonnay - I was feeling the weight of the atmosphere And those I know aren't looking overjoyed I'm here Daughters about fourteen order wine And Chardonnay shows what she knows when she decides Couldn't
  6. 6. Crash Into June - About this time the girls are rising early I'm going to find a way to get back someday Living rooms I don't know why someone would leave And though it's taken time till I discovered Don't you
  7. 7. Curse of The Frontier Land - Lost to your mascara, I used to like your eyes Still got your looks I guess I'm tired of what it all implies A year ago we called this a good time Nightmares of love affairs, who cares why?
  8. 8. Don't Entertain Me Twice - Lose my sense of fair play when she's here with me Lose my sight with one more night of late t.v. She can go a life not looking in your eyes And I believe her when she lies Too far gone to di
  9. 9. Dripping With Looks - So into the chaff Last laughs of the traveling class Low tide on the sand Sad strand of the government land I'd not be such a disgrace to Everything that I've been through If I had it
  10. 10. Erica's Word - Erica's gone shy Some unknown X behind the why All is some less today Mass not conserving in the old way Checking out with Brother Jay I'll miss your half of me Girl are you leaving somet
  11. 11. Exactly What We Don't Want To Hear - It's been a decade of trade-offs Of try myself or let others try What sort of win is there waiting For prima donnas like me to find Standing all night in line? It's been a decade of reco
  12. 12. Friend of The Family - My nerves are buzzing and working Eyes are flashing and jerking My feelings on the windshield Night air as cold as chain mail Takes me back to the first day The little girl in you spoke to
  13. 13. Girl With a Guitar - Her eyes are dangerous to stand around Twelve miles down, transparent brown, ground zero And when you ask for her she's not around Will she come down, from tinsel town I don't know, don't kno
  14. 14. I Mean It This Time - Jody were you always sure things had gone as they should go? Does the world come on with a handshake and hello? I don't lose a lot of sleep, and I'm not sure what this means But at some point I
  15. 15. I Turned Her Away - Stacks of things I've begun Summer indoors, nothing gets done Can't pick out things to wear Reasons I had no longer there Wide-eyed West Coast Magic on her side She cleaned my house and s
  16. 16. I Wanna Get a Hit By a Car - Someone has done Everything before Of science and poetry And opening the doors We're all descendents of doers There's nothing left to do Except to work hard all day Become a cog or s
  17. 17. If And When It Falls Apart - Hey, Ironclad, do you see me getting it bad With your hair down in your eyes? You don't try, the love you need is there when you cry Oh girl it must be nice This city brings me down, it al
  18. 18. In a Delorean - I watch the mood get sober and I'm not so sure I'm over All the times I didn't know and I didn't used to know When my heart was breaking nightly Was I taking things too lightly That would nev
  19. 19. Initiations Week - On initiations week On initiations week We'll be kicking out the jams And going at our peak Initiations, formal invitations Flighty and fancy All night catty and chatty They said "Who's
  20. 20. I've Tried Subtlety - All the kids from 916 came down And were misdirected trying to find the grounds The Regency Hotel Prom royals eyeing adult-life means to excel Down into the city-planning flats Near Vict
  21. 21. Last Day That We're Young - Adds up a shame to leave it so unresolved Shakes all the sheathing loose from the wire Time's going to be a luxury now in the responsibility empire So give me some false hope I can take serious
  22. 22. Leilani - Donovan tapes play for hours on end But the old feelings won't stay Try though she may Hates who she was yesterday And so does she think that she loves someone? Making the firedrill work
  23. 23. Like a Girl Jesus - Brightness as pure as December sunshine And like a girl Jesus she makes it mine Without a doubt, puts herself down on the line And like a girl Jesus she's undefined Life without end, she igno
  24. 24. Little Ivory - Little Ivory What's it going to be? Come on the cherub lover Exit the third degree And oh Little Ivory The sun going down And who'll Little Ivory decide To follow to town? Oh, L
  25. 25. Look Away - They say it comes to you Like a light in a dark blue night Irresistible, too clean and too bright I tried to sleep it off And I tried to hate it off And I don't want to wait I, I just don
  26. 26. Make Any Vows - If you knew this was not my world In the way you measure lives That while some get far through effort All I get is exercise Walk out a ways from the house you built up from the ground An
  27. 27. Mammoth Gardens - We were breaking in but it was an open door And there we found the decades dancing breaking in by radio Slingshot windows opened up the sky Defying our defiling We, we found a place where run
  28. 28. Never Mind - New asking eyes each day Some always trying to make me stay And steal my love away They won't do any harm Something calls me back to your arms And sounds all the alarms Staying in l
  29. 29. Not Because You Can - If your eyes are green you will turn and stay sixteen Never disappointed by a show of hands And if your eyes are soft you can turn it on and off You won't be shy when making your demands
  30. 30. Nothing New - I was on the outs today Feeling hit up for a price I thought that I'd never have to pay Wicker old-world store displays Sure I'll take your warm hearth autumn line But with what for any fair
  31. 31. One More For Saint Michael - Michael you Don't know the half of a mess Getting made Down at your favorite address Pretty seraphs Cutting holes in us all Checking stains in the stalls Getting season box seats for th
  32. 32. Rayon Drive - Fair Oaks hot spot between Howe and Watt Sell me something I haven't already got Her name's Marie earning her PhD Tonight I think she'd still do it with me You come up to me so erudite Y
  33. 33. Real Night Time - Pull back the credit we take for breaking through To the moment before we really knew Take off the jackets and shirts and see some skin Feel a chill of the air we were born in Before the deba
  34. 34. Real Nighttime - Pull back the credit we take for breaking through To the moment before we really knew Take off the jackets and shirts and see some skin Feel a chill of the air we were born in Before the deba
  35. 35. Regenisraen - Too awake for night I've come outside Too o'clock for sleeping off, I've tried Freezing air so good for how this is Such the opposite of show biz Winter houses turning on the glow Christmas
  36. 36. Rolling With Moody Girls - All the parts and so decided Once in some abandoned world Hosts inside and guests invited Rolling with the moody girls A jostly night anticipated First one home from boarding school A
  37. 37. Room For One More,honey - Flying in over Asia low Not the one that we think we know Will it be a better life? Will they understand a word? But the catch phrases There when we go Will be the likes of "Elegance
  38. 38. She I'll Be a Verb - Diva while rehearsing speaks just in third person Making sure you give her more than she delivers Soft-core good vibrations in smart situations Most predicted other than has been discovered
  39. 39. She'll Be a Verb - Diva while rehearsing speaks just in third person Making sure you give her more than she delivers Soft-core good vibrations in smart situations Most predicted other than has been discovered A
  40. 40. Slip - No one twisting his arm Okay, 1,2,3 now Well, I should have spent tonight out finding some good ledge It's time to look at long shots, the cheap end of the wedge You used to hear our fight
  41. 41. The Only Lesson Learned - Greyhounds to home Roads to Rome that trail from all advances Fey retail towns Legal grounds to block my second chances The stone age gone, still and drawn Ties once so long-ranging Al
  42. 42. The Picture of Agreeability - I must be almost old enough to hear the bad news Tell me now We can drink to Minneapolis and Vegas It may be an almost absolute relief for us On our way down And everyone around I'll walk
  43. 43. The Real Sheila - The word must be go easy Showing yourself to those eyes Criteria running high Austere and lost? No They're tired of themselves as I am Watching the shows go by Lord knows that I'm not
  44. 44. The Waist And The Knees - Cozify with the lip-tied mind Beckmann's by the enlistment line Got to be small when target times come Got to be smart while acting dumb Son I think your learning don't seem right Sleep und
  45. 45. The World's Easiest Job - Turning your friends against me Man it must be the world's easiest job Finding a verdict of retard, retard, retard Well I might be I haven't lived enough lives for comparison I guess I coul
  46. 46. Throwing The Election - There's a light on the nineteenth floor tonight They don't know there won't even be a fight But they'll find out I've tired of all the things I've called my own When they go to the final mass a
  47. 47. Together Now,very Minor - Become the agile ones with legal means The men who bring the message to Abilene Look-at-me togs boxed up at mom's on the floor The news came hard and has never been taken right Top-level-clea
  48. 48. Too Closely - If you were late I would wait Wait all day right here If no one were watching girl I guess I'd wait all year Take my time, I will Thinking I've been owed I've got a funny feeling one more l
  49. 49. Walts The Halls Always - I think I saw the movie where you learned that you can't be nice You write the boys in your home town and sing yourself "Edelweiss" How much did you give up that it should make me this guilty now
  50. 50. Waltz The Halls Always - I think I saw the movie where you learned that you can't be nice You write the boys in your home town and sing yourself "Edelweiss" How much did you give up that it should make me this guilty now
  51. 51. We Love You, Carol And Alison - All I ate was spearmint candy Trying to change the flavor of the days And chasing inundation only childish ways But oh this time the sugar was dazzling Saying for once you might just join the
  52. 52. What The Whole World Wants - We think that it can work but it doesn't often I think we'll look like jerks nailing our own coffins We think that we can talk but we miss it by a mile We think that we can joke but no one crac
  53. 53. Where You Going Northern - Where you going northern? South into town? Longer waits, closer friends What's come upon you? Where you going Maggie? Where I can't go? But things I am extend to you And stay around you
  54. 54. Wish I Could Stand Or Have - Wish I could love the way, oh the way I lean on you Wish I could walk away if one day I wanted to Wish I could love a day of silence But I'll miss you to the point of violence Wish I could st
  55. 55. Wyoming - Used to run all night on mood swings And spill our gasoline And play the violin behind the scenes Felt so right to leave you losers Why do I miss you now? How much we give the ghost up Wh
  56. 56. You Drive - All over El Cerrito hair gets combed in tangles down And every radio's aligned onto the finest sound Look out for love lost when the lights are changing All last year's cassettes together melte

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