Letras / letra E / Estalline

  1. 1. Part 2 - As The Space Grows - Broken beautiful doll parts so precious in his eyes, I want to see you burn I want to see you die even though I know I'm supposed to love you in Christ (it grows harder everyday with his dignity now d
  2. 2. The Denim I Wear Is The Toughest Part of Me - (your words they penetrate my every pour the very fiber of my being is breaking with the strain) as the words misplaced. Unthoughtful, careless and I know what I've said hurt but even for me
  3. 3. The Woman In Red - The way you walk away from me makes me look again in to see within but I'm lost as I see the sway of your hips, I don't even count the cost (so save us all, from scarring hearts of ours forever.

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