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October 4

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You may be the only one
The one and only dream to come
True for me to see maybe I am lucky
I'll paint a picture of the sight

Stars and car lights light up the night
We're the only bodies around I feel alright

Young as we allow our feet
To fall and dangle carelessly
Above the water and our hands getting sandy
Reflections in the river show
The stars with you and I
And I think I could jump and swim into the sky

You may be the only one
The one and only dream to come true...

I'd dive in and grab the moon
And hold it like a big balloon
Give me your hand and we'd float in our gold doubloon
No one else could beat this ride,
We on the moon, followed by the tide
Around the world and back again, one moonlit flight

The fog descends and tucks us in
And in the silence we begin
A sweet song that's perfectly out of tune

If God has eyes then he has seen
What good creations we have been…
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