Letras / letra E / Endless Dark

  1. 1. 5-0 - I see the way that you're looking at me You don't like what you see Harrasing us every chance that you get When the fuck are you gonna leave me be I'm getting sick of your smart-ass wa
  2. 2. Across Your Face - So in your eyes we've always been the bad guys dropping false knowledge you're just full of lies you misled our youth to distract them with fantasy but your plan backfired blew out int
  3. 3. Addict - All fucked up, now you turn to me All this time I tried to help you see Where you're headed is to an early grave I don't want to see you go out that way Help you, is what I try to do
  4. 4. Atmosphaere - Kristallne Luft Macht, diese Atmosphaere Einziehende Kaelte seh ich die Eiskoenigin dieser Atmosphaere Mach die Augen zu und spuere diese Atmosphaere kristallne Luft umgibt mich
  5. 5. Back of The Bus - In a society where no one is free Because you're judged by what they see Affraid of what they don't understand Putting you down whenever they can Thought that it was better these days
  6. 6. Ball of Destruction - You wanna try and fuck with me And disrespect my family You wanna judge the way I live And you don't even know me You'll never understand our hate It doesn't matter anyway Never
  7. 7. Can't Stop, Won't Stop - you are the blood running through my veins. you are the streets that made me this way. in you ive lost and regained faith but in my silence i'll never betray. these are the streets where men are m
  8. 8. Demonstrating My Style - Demonstrating my style Lettin' it be known Follow the path of no one else It's all about being true to myself I'll speak my mind, I won't keep it inside The years pass and people
  9. 9. Die Zeit Des Torremond - Der Wald, ein leerer, abweisender Ort, eine Halle mit einem Dach aus starken Aesten, das von den von den Saeulen der Staemme gestuetzt wird. Der Fruehling dringt nicht bis hierher vor und ic
  10. 10. Fall This Time - you better think quick, act fast before its time you take another blast. you better think about where you stand cuz it seems youre on the wrong path. used to look down, talk down. now you walk down t
  11. 11. Four Simple Steps To Total Life Satisfaction - 1) toil 2) consume 3) reproduce 3) repeat until numb (and now, the fine print) "awake" is obsolete just follow instructions and your life's complete it's not as hard as you thoug
  12. 12. Frozen Heart - Oh my baby you killed me this time Your cold words had frozen my broken heart Oh my darling, our life is a war But your sweet weapon won't do us apart.... Oh my angel you hurt me this time Your deadl
  13. 13. Get Out - I don't want you around - get out, get out I don't want you here - get out, get out I don't care what you do - get out, get out I don't care what you say - get out, get out Madball! St
  14. 14. Godfather - He was young at heart, been through it all Seen all the changes, now it's time to move on If it wasn't for him it just wouldn't be the same He's not gone, in his heart it will stay Pas
  15. 15. Hold It Down - enough times been wasted and now im faced with our realities and whats to come of this scene. so many come and go, some have disgraced it. i think its time we take a stand show them what we mean.
  16. 16. I Will Cry - This night my heart was crying in pain... It isn't dead because it still Has the love that was born for you. This night my life lost it worth again... How can i live without the love Tha
  17. 17. In Memory Of... - He had a life and so much to give I'll never understand what he did He had a family who cared for him That was a selfish thing that he did Life comes down hard on you sometimes You got
  18. 18. Lake Of Fire - My life still remains, but is not full of love You are so far away, my arms can not reach you What I live with you, inside my heart It's now burning in a lake of fire My dream is to hold you tight, f
  19. 19. Live Or Die - Live or die, are the choises I got But I refuse to go anywhere soon Life is too short to keep explaining myself My situation means nothing to you Back to reality once again I clear
  20. 20. Moloch - Betrachtet man die Sterne (welche uebrigens auch am Tage sichtbar bleiben) dieser Welt etwas genauer, so faellt einem, besonders bei Nacht, auf, dass sie mit geheimnisvollen Linien miteinand
  21. 21. Never Had It - Don't tell me how much bterr it was in the eighties don't talk about the brotherhood lost within the scene to me you were always a quitter from day one just like you proved mi right in the l
  22. 22. No Return - I'm tired of people taking with no return never giving back when it was my turn I'm done giving charity so leave me be I have nothing to offer and no one to feed only myself I'm the one i
  23. 23. Nuestra Familia - Times are hard and getting rougher Could never understand why my family had to suffer May be it's because we're not as fortunate as others At least we've got each other, and we can rely on o
  24. 24. Oh Fortune - Today you chose to make me sad, killed all the hope inside my head, You cut off all the joy and happines All I have now is tears and sadness.. Sors immanis, et inanism, rota tu volubilis. status mal
  25. 25. Pride (Times Are Changing) - Times are changing for the worse Gotta keep a positive outlook Growing up in such violent times Have some faith and you'll get by Thinking back when I was a kid Times have changed so much s
  26. 26. Short Changed - they want to throw away the key. they don't care what the age is. they're getting rich burning books and building cages. scared to death because they know where the rage is. my diagnosis: "fucked"
  27. 27. Smell The Bacon - No more fighting we've had enough we won't take any more of your shit you got the badge and you got the gone don't shoot us down just 'cause we're having fun
  28. 28. Spit On Your Grave - All you wished was to block my goals all you did was to strengthen my soul and what I wanted from you I could never get so dreading our deaths is how we choose to live you're the one w
  29. 29. Step To You - Here I'll put it to you before we fight I need to step to you to prove I'm right I never leaked a drop of loyalty i never lost my hate and purity you say you're down and out and I'm
  30. 30. Streets of Hate - Walking through these streets of hate And I can feel their pain I see how this fuckin' place Can sometimes drive you insane But I choose to keep my sanity Won't let anything bring m
  31. 31. The Blame - What are you gonna do when they all turn on you is it worth for us to live their way it's their mistake and we're the blame are we to live by their rules and be told what to do we're not
  32. 32. The Last Breath Of My Heart - "A soul in the air Begging for its forgivness Burning in the pyre Of sinners in hell" Would.. You take my hand If I say that my life is useless And will you find a way Will you save me and stop the p
  33. 33. True To The Game - Livin' in a world People try to be what they're not - but can't see the fantasy Who's living a dream It seems it's you We know whose real Your life is just a game You don't deser
  34. 34. Unity - Now - is the time for unity Why - because it means a lot to me We - can be strong once again I've seen it before and I know we can They - always tried to hold us down We - are the o
  35. 35. Why Film The Carnage? - i can't build as fast as you tear down. i need some relief. i'm driving nails with my skull while you pull them out with your teeth. what makes you think you can fuck with this? it's our sacred gr
  36. 36. You Can't Kill My Love - When love is a gun full of hate and sorrow And all the hopes are gone I will be there... When gods cry tears from the sky And all the joy are dry I will be there, To fill you with my love... You kil
  37. 37. You Have My Broken Heart - Your flaming eyes has burned my soul Into a pyre so uncontrolled... I won't surrender for your love Though my death is still calling... Onto my grave thy tears falls free It was too brutal, I couldn'

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