Letras / letra E / Earth From Above

  1. 1. An Abstract Struggle - Is this what you call perfection? How can you take something so beautiful, and turn it into darkness? We were given the world, but we destroyed it. We were given immortality, but we threw it away.
  2. 2. Burials - A sudden realization is changing our ways. Have we deliberately darkened our own days? And Now we’re only 48 hours away. These times are dangerous for us. Do not be led astray. (x2) We have walk
  3. 3. Death of Ignorance - What has happened to our integrity? We’re suffocating in a sea of emptiness. Our integrity has shattered, fooled by the lies and promises. Our integrity has shattered, fooled by the lies and promi
  4. 4. Fatum - Mere men become legends by giving their all. Never waiting for something to happen, always in action. Are we those men, always fighting for the cause? We were sent out as sheep amidst the wolves. Led
  5. 5. Numbered With the Transgressors - Numbered with the transgressors. In our realm of self-arrogance we’ve all gone astray. Each of us going on our own distant way. With wicked hearts and filthy souls, we put our faith, we put our fa
  6. 6. Redeemed: From the Wastes - We are all sick. We are all sick. We are in need of a savior. Father reedem us from the ways...
  7. 7. The Antidote - We were raised by a belief system that fails to pour out the truth. Do not be misled. Your faith in Christ will save you. Your antics don’t impress me, you really don’t impress me. Do not be misl
  8. 8. Vital Signs of a Rude Awakening - I’m not expected to be perfect, that’s far from what I am. To have the weight of the world pushed down on your back; that it’s so hard to maintain a steady pace. In this world of imperfection, I’m

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