Letras / letra D / Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show

  1. 1. 99 and Me - Spoken : Alright now, I'd like to tell you all a story about me and my brother Billy T. You see, now when we were just little boys, we use to go visit my grandma and grandpa for two weeks out of every
  2. 2. A Couple More Years - I`ve got a couple more years on you babe, and that`s all I`ve had more chances to fly, and more places to fall And it ain`t that I`m wiser, it`s only that I`ve spent more time with my back to the wall
  3. 3. A little bit more - When your body's had enough of me And I'm laying flat out on the floor When you think I've loved you all I can I'm gonna love you a little bit more Come on over here and lay by my side I've got to be
  4. 4. Acapulco Goldie - (Hey play the guitars) (I love to hear the guitars play) (Oh I love to sing, I love to sing) She was dancing when I seen her, in a Mexican cantina In a neighborhood they call La Zona Roja (hahahaha)
  5. 5. Before the Tears - (E. Stevens/P. Overstreet) I don't want to see you cry Your crying always changes my mind And we know well It's livin' hell Pretending our love hasn't died Though we tried Before the tears, I'm leav
  6. 6. Blown Away -
  7. 7. (One More Year Of) Daddy's Little Girl - (Hazel Smith) She'd snuggle up and talk to me Each night as I'd watch TV I'd teasingly call her chatter-box Then one night she said "Don't be scared, I see an angel on the stairs Daddy can you hear t
  8. 8. Sexy Eyes - I was sitting all alone Watching people get it on With each other They were dancin' cross the floor Turning, moving back and forth They were lovers One more lonely night for me I looked up, what did I
  9. 9. Sharing The Night Together - Looking kind of lonely girl You'd like someone new to talk to, Oh yeah, all right I'm feeling kind lonely too If you don't mind can I sit down here beside you? Oh yeah, all right If I seem to come
  10. 10. When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman - When you're in love with a beautiful woman it's hard When you're in love with a beautiful woman you know it's hard Everybody wants her, everybody loves her Everybody wants to take your baby home When
  11. 11. Years from Now On - Years from now, I want you years from now And I hold you years from now as I love you tonight You are my one true friend, always my one true friend And I love you till Id say as I love you tonight I k
  12. 12. You Ain't Got the Right - You ain't got the right to tell me I'm not lonely 'Cause you don't understand what I've been through She had every right to do the wrong that she done to me And that don't make it easier to lose And t
  13. 13. You Can't Take It With You - You can't take it with you 'cause you didn't bring it You can use it while you're here but when you go it's got to stay You didn't write the song you just learned how to sing it You may bring a little
  14. 14. You Make My Pants Want to Get up and Dance - You make my pants wanna get up and dance You make my face wanna grin You make my knees wanna kneel down say please Honey won't you kiss me again You make my pants wanna get up and dance You make my f
  15. 15. Yours And Mine - When you took me out of lonesome, and put the s in my eyes Oh you helped me see tomorrow, you gave me strength to survive And if love can ever take me far across that doubting line To where yesterday
  16. 16. You've Heard It All Before - You've heard 'em all before, the words I wish I could say Fooling myself I guess to think that it would matter anyway If I even tried to write them down, hoping that I could tell you more But the trou

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