Letras / letra D / Depressive Age

  1. 1. Autumn Times - Walking through my brain who's leading? Can I pass these moments here These sleepless nights at full moon I am worried about my way I fear future, I fear past In this sadness is no rest
  2. 2. Berlin - You grow to a big town at one time And then your tracks lost line The wartimes draw your heart away To west, north, south, east, everywhere And then they cut you not for fun Since '61 the w
  3. 3. Beyond Illusions - We know some things are true and believe it is a lie At first we smile and when it's too late we just cry We know it's a lie and believe that it is true Oh what a stupid thing to do No God
  4. 4. Cairo Crabat - In the synthetic clink flows Retron the moon milk drink Metamorphosis turns ravishing Liquid waves quard the bowl A star leads the Retron soul Cairo has focused countdown to 0 Airpo
  5. 5. Circles Colour Red - When the circles start to dance Before my eyes they dance again I must hit them in the centre until the circles colour red Blood streams under my eyelids, I wake up in red tears and sweat I c
  6. 6. Companero Song - por qu sers tan cruel? nunca hubo una droga peor qu infeierno te posee? la aparencia no es sincera. No. merezco qu arda el corazon? quin fu el qu decidi ir ms all de lo permitido? y
  7. 7. Electric Scum - I walk through the buildings of the capital hills, Walk through the sightseeing floor, the escalator was filled with lucky, light shining faces in a glittering mall which spot the label signs
  8. 8. Eternal Twins - Mother got pregnant by rape Identical twins came to being, but they were different in their minds The fatal flaw was the bad disposition Two charactes in black opposition The birth of the t
  9. 9. Featherflute - Kilja is my bird, she cannot sing Chemistry has boiled her strings She said: "Built your hut on my wing" Kilja is the bird who 'catch my fall from a bridge with suicide toll Now I try to
  10. 10. Friend Within - I am longing for the day when my spirit comes back again In this moments when I'm down I just have to shake these thougts out Friends deep within me let's save our brain Let me see mista
  11. 11. From Out of Future - Once upon a time on this planet A sudden cry broke the peaceful silence As an old man stood on the edge of the world Staring with tired eyes into the endless sky There's a secret, and with
  12. 12. Garbage Canyons - We're the loosers, We see you're disdain We're the tools for our own coloured fate No one really knows our place Justice, give us your grace! Show your face! But the war slaves of the lord
  13. 13. Hateful Pride - I am a murderer No remorse in sin Kill you fast and sure My trouble within Drugdealer you're my enemy Explanations for what I do? The roots of your character for the ones you took Now i
  14. 14. Hills of The Thrills - See me pepole I am on the Hills of the thrills Rockets, airplanes, spacecranes under my window sill Jumping with my friends here on the top of surprises Bring us fast the ying-yang drinks with
  15. 15. Hut - You're breath means leave taking cause the cancer is marching My bird dies with lost wings Wounds will heal, but the scares will remain In this hut where the childhood lives are the tale
  16. 16. Innocent In Detention - Oh how I hate the leader's voice A prisoner like me Quick looks through the window show me Gas towers in the dawn They seem to hang about the prison wall Seem to hang about the prison wall
  17. 17. Lying In Wait - There is a new time There is a door The door is open to a floor A lot of times A lot of thoughts A long long way There is no end of doors Go here! And there's a new room filled up wit
  18. 18. Mother Salvation - First dead on this sunny day Solar rays have taken mother's life away to transform it in veils so soft and thin that overcast our whole earthball thing Goodbye take your course Thank y
  19. 19. My Wine - There's a castle burning, fallen is the bridge There's a good smell inside, water will not switch So let it run in silence, let the flames their ways Sometimes you'll remember the smokie summer
  20. 20. Neptune Roars - Here we live in our wide sea, the occupants in a poisoned zoo All the woods in water get higher and tigheter too. Sword fishes have changed their swords Pairs of scissors on their mouth They
  21. 21. Never Be Blind - I see love and I see hate I see pleasure and I see disdain I see hypocrisy and sincerity I see famine and gluttony And I will never be, never be blind I see torture and I see cure I se
  22. 22. New Machine Wisdom - Liquid A to A Geymour K Chill line U to love craft U to lovecraft Q Liquid C to Geymour C to Geymour P Robots form their head loops, form their head loops to: New machine wisdom A cocain
  23. 23. No Risk - Hello my friend, listen to me I've got a woman and you know her very well You must help me, yes you will call Put on a strange voice and tell her I'm dead There's no risk my friend Cause
  24. 24. Polar Athletic Son - In the icey village, where the rumours whisper through the easter morning song stands the biggest cradle in the laser chapel for the birth of "Wasp the Kong" Chill fills the aquarium's bla
  25. 25. Port Graveyard - What a special taste has desert sand that seeps all through my skin No more unreal shapes of caravans shall lead me to nothing fade away I tried to save what's left in my life fade away
  26. 26. Psycho Circle Game - She cries til it's bright, til the sun is shining in the summertime She's dry, had no tears to cry, then daylight starts attacks Against her muddy eyes She's tired of this life, no summersun ca
  27. 27. Remember (Je t'aime, taverne noir) - I am married now and I white you from Lyon, I drink no more, I smoke real less, you know 'cause I'm pregnant since you've been gone. My husband says he'll bring him up like if he is his own son.
  28. 28. Rusty Cells - Here's the spray set for the ozon health and the glasses to see 'round all corners and bends My mind is happy, thinking 'bout a ball and at the same time the media spits out the reality of wa
  29. 29. Small Town Boy - Shortcut to Depressive Age Lyrics Depressive Age - Autumn Times Lyrics Depressive Age - Awaits Lyrics Depressive Age - Berlin Lyrics Depressive Age - Beyond Illusions Lyrics Depressive Age - Cairo Cra
  30. 30. Sorry Mr. Pain - Push me through my mirror into lonely winternights I seek the hiding of my life out in the deepest woods, out on the coldest hills in a daze Sorry, Mr. Pain. I go made without warning Ha
  31. 31. Sports Yells - Cartridge siedges of racer teams slide in tubes through icey streams, slide in curve from 6 and 8 Thrills in centigrades Suits as tight as second skin Proud electric masculine Chests that
  32. 32. Subway Tree - Black flags with your fingers as their sign in the subways They show me the right path into your home, in the city's depth Down here are the villages of hope for the artists Their caves, wich
  33. 33. Teenage Temples - World war archives fill the offices of the cold war parties to research the psycho base in the influence and cause they need free young slaves Teenage temples spread their wings fly
  34. 34. The Light - Hear the whispers through the trees A giant scene senses this cold breeze No moon, no star looks through blackened clouds But a light waves in water now it's out Come, come to me You can
  35. 35. The Story (Autumn Times II) - I feel you whisper - so far, dear sister But now a shudder - your voice, stepfather Is it a deception? - or true affection? Do you feel better? - Are you together? Old fingers touch a young girl'
  36. 36. Toyland Hills - I see the hinding places in the laundry yard and a sunny day to play We were the key kids in the T-block city part but where are they today? I cannot tell you things 'bout wild woods but
  37. 37. Transition - With intend to die I move onto the roof I await this fall bringing peace after all I will cross the border, set my life out of order Dissatisfied from the superficial frame of mind A magical
  38. 38. Way Out - I have trouble in my mind Do not know what's wrong or right I fall in thoughts 'bout the roots I hate myself, I am confused This town is dangerous every time, don't move in unknown ways
  39. 39. We Hate Happy Ends - Friends go away, plants go away, I go away every night Duty is hate for rotten brains and hate is endless fight I want observe children of mine, those from my sperm bank deal Give the adresses
  40. 40. Weird Boy - I've digged my dices in the corney of these street stones Now they shoot along the drain ground lights They join a gamble with the ground water to win the wipping willow tears where gold sp
  41. 41. Where - Where it streams from the light to everywhere And it's difficult to be not there You jump to points and try to hide Shadows have no border to light Feel as waves or feel as matter Neighb
  42. 42. World In Veins - Hello world in veins, drive the ale stuff on its way Now it's time again, kill the bad mood! Kill hate flames! Hello world in veins send love to my spirit space! Woman youu be gone and the movi

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