Letras / letra D / Demonthor

  1. 1. ...and All The Mortals Run of Fright - Total eclipse - one child is born in a secret place, prepared to the baptism in the Sacred Blood. The flames of the temple's pillars burn strongly tonight. The world rests in a deep sleep, d
  2. 2. Bloody Slaughter And Reap - This is the call of the wild The Genocide Force is ready for the hunt ! We advance with the wind of damnation, so sharp as the blade of our weapons Riding fast and indifferent to the scalding
  3. 3. Catch The Flames of Breath - I burn with force and pride in the Satan tracks and make it overloaded I burn in the old flames of the first and never ending authentic glory's breath I follow free no doubts fast like wind
  4. 4. Orgy In Torture And Blood - An oath written in blood - The promise of immortality Has turned me and them into one - with our Lord During seven waning moons - we closed the ceremony Sacrifice to the lord of shadows - was c
  5. 5. Satanalypse - It will be the final twilight when the sun won't rise anymore... The most mournful bell will strike up, the endless ring will be heard, and the crowds will be able to see the truth... Four seals
  6. 6. Suddenly... The Hangman - Echoes through the stairs - on the way of the dungeon weighty steps - recall the hammer of the sentence The frightening presage - becomes the cold death of the hope - The last empty plate...
  7. 7. The Frightening Moon Obsession - The wolves escape down hill When hear the demoniac growl... The echo runs through the forest Spreading death in all way Contorting skeletal and leafless trees Mortifying even the most perve
  8. 8. Tolling The Black Rite Bell - This is the ancient time when the torches light up the corridors of the palace When us disciples of the lord of shadows practice sacrifice We drink the blood and bless ourselves knelled in front

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