Letras / letra D / Deitrick Haddon

  1. 1. 7-d's - Verse# 1 I aint change cuz I got folks Sing my name And as a matter of fact I had to go through a little more pain And as i win one soul I'm doing what God told me to do I'll do
  2. 2. a Sinners Prayer - A sinners prayer umh A sinners prayer A sinners prayer Chrous: I could have been dead sleeping in my grave Solo: oh oh Chrous: but God blessed me too see Solo: anothe
  3. 3. After While - After While [talk] I dedicate this song to those that have lost loved ones along the way If we hold on where goona see them again, After While [verse 1] How could I forget, Uhm, How
  4. 4. Amen - Romans chapter 8 and verse 18 says: For i reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us listen i aske
  5. 5. Anybody Here - Chorus: (Is there anybody here) that loves my Jesus? (Is there anybody here) that loves my Lord, yeah. Is there anybody here) that loves my Jesus? (I want to know) if you love my L
  6. 6. Are You Ready - Chorus People don't praise no more Like we used to do When the spirit of the Lord comes in You got to move And you gotta kick that dust off Your shoutin' shoes It's time to praise Him y
  7. 7. Because He Lives - God sent His son, They called Him Jesus. He came to love, heal and forgive. He lived and died, to buy my pardon. An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives. Because He lives, I can face to
  8. 8. Change Is Gonna Come - I was born by the river, in a little tent And just like the river, I've been running ever, ever since It's been a long, long time coming But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will, oh
  9. 9. Crossroads - Lady Life: i'm puttin you on the map right? Deitrick: yea Lady Life: yea, it's official, Pastor-D, Lady Life, we back at the crossroads what you gonna do? which half are you g
  10. 10. Crossroads (interlude) - Staning At The Crossroads Of Life Somehow I Went Wrong When I Shoulda Went Right And I Cant Blame This One On Nobody Else Come And Rescue Me From Myself I Am Standing At The Crossroad Of Life So
  11. 11. Dd - (Chorus) For those who dont me Im.... Deitrick Haddon. When you see hear me on the radio, Deitrick Haddon. When you see me on TV Deitrick Haddon. On the cover of my CD. Deitrick Haddon. But
  12. 12. Do Not Pass Me By - Verse: (Savior, Blessed Savior), I want You to hear my humble cry, while on others Thou art calling, do not pass me by. (Savior, Blessed Savior), Father, I want You to hear my humble cry
  13. 13. Don't Go - Don't go,Don't go.... I love you so...(x2) Verse 1 You said don't walk out the door (Don't go, Don't go) slammed that door in your face (I love you so) I took advantage of your love
  14. 14. Don't Let Me Fall - When the enemy comes in like a flood, God will lift a standard against him. When my enemies encamp Round about me I will lift my voice unto the Lord Lord won't you hear my plea (
  15. 15. Don't Wanna Let You Go - Yes, yes There comes a point in your life When you have to come to grips with yourself And say just like Jacob That 'I won't let go until you bless my soul' N-now it took some time to
  16. 16. Everytime - CHORUS: Ladies! (Lady) everytime i feel the spirit moving in my heart i'm gonna pray i clap my hands i stomp my feet now watch me praise it to this beat (Deitrick) Everytim
  17. 17. Fresh Wind - Chorus: Send a fresh wind. Send a fresh wind; let it flow, let it flow, let it flow from heaven above. Verse: Flow from the east, flow from the west, send Your anointing so I can b
  18. 18. Go With Me - If you feel like your stuck in a place that you know that you aint suppose to be in and you want to get out But you are going to lose out And you dont know the first thing to do but you
  19. 19. God Didn't Give Up - CHORUS God didn't give up on me didn't give up on me God didn't give up on me didn't give up on me when i'm weak God well he didn't let me go yea when i messed up he restored
  20. 20. God Is Good - ooo-ooo put yo hands together well I said put yo hands togethern now ah hee ah lord listen yall Verse: Hmm let me take a minute and testify Tell the world what God has done in my life
  21. 21. Happy - For all my island people all my sisters and brothers things are gonna get better life has a way of bringing hard times that can mess with your peace of mind and don't let the troubl
  22. 22. Heaven Knows - Verse 1: The homeless is still homeless, the poor is still poor, yet we find billions of dollars to fund senseless wars. And yes, we're fighting terrorism, what about the quiet racism, divide
  23. 23. He's Able - Leader: Exceedingly abundantly above all, all you can ask from him according to, the power that worketh in you God is able to do just what he said he would do He's gonna fullfill every
  24. 24. Hold On To Your Faith - Dark clouds hanging in your way hold on to your faith You can't see the light of day Just believe and God will make a way You may not have no house on the hill Change is coming soon
  25. 25. Holy Holy - Chorus 1: Holy, holy is the Lord of host, He's the Lord of host, He's the One that I love. Holy, holy is the Lord of host, He's the Lord of host, He's the One that I love. Verse 1
  26. 26. I'm Alive - ey ey(x7) Hey hey hey I'm Alive Verse 1: Look in the mirror tell me(tell me what you see) All the expressions of the(life that shouldnt be) Are you in a place you fell far from grace (oo
  27. 27. I'm The One - verse 1 I've been watchin you and holdin you all of your life even through wrong and right but I'll still love you hate to see you hurt goin through so much pain it dont have to be th
  28. 28. It All Belongs To You - My heart My mind My soul Belongs to you My love My life It all belongs to you Belongs to you Belongs to you Chorus My heart My mind My soul Belongs to you My love
  29. 29. It's Me - There Comes A Time, For Every Man When He Must, Take A Stance And Confess, To Where He's Been And Ask God, To Forgive His Sins To Forgive His Sins Whoa, Whoa... Its Me And
  30. 30. It's Over Now - Chorus: it's over now X2 i said it's over now it's over now i can not explain the way i feel i must be dreaming this can't be real and now i know that there's a law somewhere
  31. 31. Joy of The Lord, Oh The Glory - (Solo): The Joy of the Lord is your strength The Joy of the Lord is your strength The Joy of the Lord, The Joy of the Lord The Joy of the Lord it is your strength Come on and help me s
  32. 32. Let me go - I realized the other day. How much I strayed away from my first love. I've fallen far from grace. But now I'm gonna tell the enemy: Let me go, In His name. Don't have power over me. I'm b
  33. 33. Love Him Like I do - Love him like I do Giving honor to you first The Pastor, the church My folks and friends Listen to these words See God saved me (yeah) From myself when no one else was around And
  34. 34. Mercy - As his mercy endurance to all generation oh lord and his race is suffiencent to all all his people oh my lord I don't know what I do without him I don't want to think about it
  35. 35. My Prayer - Let our children live and not die in the streets like the ones before them give them opportunity That these walls would be broken and that these doors will open that these lies w
  36. 36. My Soul Says Yes - Chorus: My soul says yes to the Will of the Lord I give my will over Yes, yes (repeat) Verse 1: Let me just being saying My life is in Your hands Anything You ask me I will do Your wish is
  37. 37. No Me Without You - There would be no me without you without you where would I be oh Lord If you hadn't brought me out of the darkness there would be no me without you Help me sing Chrous:there w
  38. 38. No One Else - Every man must use the gift he is given Every man must do the will of God You were created for a reason and chosen for a season So never feel your gift is just too small Never feel that w
  39. 39. Oh Yeah - Chorus: If you know the Lord for yourself, say, "oh yeah". If He's your everything, your help, say, "oh yeah". If Jesus Christ is Lord of your life, say, "oh yeah". If for God you live, fo
  40. 40. Outpour - we need an outpour of your spirit we need an outpour of your spirit lord send it down send them down we need it we need it lord oh yeah we need an outpour of your spirit
  41. 41. Prayer Changes Things - Chours: Prayer, oh, prayer prayer, it changes things i know that prayer,oh, prayer it changes things Verse 1: There was a mother crying all night long because of her daughter
  42. 42. Rain On Me - Lord I stand befor you, Humbly as I know how If ever I needed you,Lord I need you now And I don't have greater words to say But I know you hear my cry & I can't hold back these tears, I d
  43. 43. Raptured Away - I can't wait for that day When the Lord will come and carry me away He's gonna crack the sky, coming for you and I Will you be ready, will you be ready Get yourself right on the floor
  44. 44. Resting Place - Heavenly father here I am It is me once again Lord it feel good in the cold Outside looking in I need a shelter from the rain Cause it's bringing too much pain Won't you please take
  45. 45. Reveal my heart - Would you still love me Unconditional Would you still hold me When I need you even though I’ve done some things that I’m so ashamed of Now I’m standing here looking out my window Calling
  46. 46. Rise And Be Healed - You may be lame, maybe and you can't even walk You can rise and be healed Or you may be dumb, maybe and you can't even talk Rise and be healed Chorus Rise and be healed oh Rise a
  47. 47. Running to You - (Verse 1) Like An Angel You Are In My Dreams I Reach Out To You And You Reach Out To Me But I Can't Reach Out The Very Space Between But I Know In Your Heart There Is A Place For Me
  48. 48. Saved - Chorus: I'm saved, I'm saved, I'm saved. So glad I'm saved, I'm saved, yeah. I'm saved, I'm saved, I'm saved. So glad I'm saved, I'm saved, yeah. Verse: When I was living in a world
  49. 49. Sinner's Prayer - Solo: A sinners prayer A sinners prayer umh A sinners prayer A sinners prayer Chrous: I could have been dead sleeping in my grave Solo: oh oh Chrous: but God blessed me too see
  50. 50. Stand Still - Chorus Stand still and know that He is God; and there's no need to fight, the battle is not yours, the battle is the Lord's. Verse 1 There is trouble at every sight, so bad yo
  51. 51. Standing In The Need Of Prayer - Oh Lord it is me again Its some things on my mind That I want to share Oh Lord Only one I know Won't take my problems Spread them everywhere And Know I'll need you right away Hea
  52. 52. Stir The Gift - Oh' I just wanna tell u a story Oh... The record company got me on the phone This morning They said, 'Boy, u betta get that record done.' Felt under pressure So I flew back home
  53. 53. Thank Him - Chorus: You really ought to thank Him. Thank Him for what's He' done. Thank Him for what He's done. Verse: For Your love and kindness, I'll say, "thank You, Lord". For Your tender merc
  54. 54. The Potter - Chorus You're the potter and I am the clay, make me and mold me Your way. You're the potter and I am the clay, make me and mold me Your way; have Your way, have Your way. Verse 1
  55. 55. The Word - L) When you woke up, you should have rose WithÂ… a praise, no complaining, appreciating Another day, you are still alive Someone didn't survive He deserve so much more Than what we give
  56. 56. Through It All - Verse 1: Feels so good to know that He understands all of my problems/Feels so good to know that He understands all of my worries/ I can feel Him within, He promised never to leave me/ I'm not alo
  57. 57. Trusting God - Verse 1 What do you do When you just don't understand And what do you do When you just cannot explain And what do you do say When you just don't have the answers Through it all,
  58. 58. Ungrateful - (L) I feel so ashamed, to be asking you again You have proven Yourself, to be more than a friend And you've always made the perfect sacrifice You did it all, when You hung, bleed, and died
  59. 59. U.n.i.t.y. - [Spoken:] Yo, It's Haddy All over the world We gon do it like this yall This is for all God's people [vocalizing] [Chorus:] All of God's children when we U.N.I.T.Y We ca
  60. 60. Victory - verse Devil thought he had me but I got away But I wanna say that I'm here to stay, hey Look at me I'm standing in victory I just wanna sing and shout I don't have no doubt, that it wa
  61. 61. Walls Are Tumbling - Intro: When I make a decision, God can so tranform me with this truth, that no matter if I look to the right, left, behind, in front of me, how destructive anything looks and if I stay stil and he
  62. 62. Wanna Dance - {Intro} Uh, uh, uh, uh it's d haddy Ladies and gentlemen I'm glad you could make it To The praise party of the year. There's only one rule You just can't sit there Get up! On
  63. 63. We Invite You In - Now we open the doors of our soul There are times we felt you knocking But our flesh was in control Now let your will be done In this place Not by power, nor by might But by your sp
  64. 64. We Worship You In The Spirit - Verse 1: We worship You in the spirit, we worship You in the truth. We worship You in the spirit, that's what we're gonna do. Verse 2: Into the holies of holies, that's where
  65. 65. What Love? - Hmmm I just have one question That's all I have today Can someone tell me what love I just want to know what love Whoooaaa Lord have mercy Hmmm Let me take my time with this o
  66. 66. Won't Stop Praying - You know it seems like forever When you're waiting on your blessing And trusting in God's word Sometimes comes when testing I refuse to lose my faith along the way So I'll encourage my
  67. 67. You Are God - Lead I never seen the righteous forsaken Nor the source of every breathe I've taken I am persuaded There is none like you from the world Righteous redeemer You are my healer Alpha Om
  68. 68. You Have a Friend - you know i've traveled the world and i've looked into the eyes of the broken hearted and the lonely somebody need to know that they have a friend in Jesus listen MAIN CHORUS: well i

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