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  1. 1. 34 Dead St. - There Once Was a Feeling That All Was Wrong. I'm a Shattered Young Fighter With Hands Golden Tired I Take Another Round. Resigned to Dealing That All Is Wrong. Fights Have Gone Down By th
  2. 2. a Side of Me - I've Lived My Life Like a One Way Ticket Not Knowin' Where I'm Bound About Killed Myself Just to Prove I Was Alive Then All of a Sudden With a Whole Lot of Lovin' You Turned My World Around
  3. 3. Absolutely Anytime - I See That You Mean It I See That You Are Serious Have Some Faith in Me Like There Used to Be Come Sunday I'll Be Leaving What Do You Want Me to Say Absolutely Anytime Time Was That You W
  4. 4. Admiral of The Sea By Husker Du - I Am An Admiral of the Sea And I'm Known From Far and Wide Inside the Admiralty What's This Ahead in Front of Me I Am An Admiral of the Sea I Am An Admiral of the Land And There's Ma
  5. 5. Against All Odds - One love, one love, one thug One nation, twenty-one gun salute I'm hopin my true motherfuckers know This be the realest shit i ever wrote Against all odds, up in the studio, gettin blowed
  6. 6. Ain't Done Nothin' Wrong - Ain't no Crime Sittin' At the Bar Sippin' On a Cold Draft Beer Or Makin' Small Talk to a Blue-eyed Girl When She Asks, What Brought You Here You're Just Tryin' to Unwind On a Friday Night
  7. 7. Ain't Livin' Long Like This - I Looked For Trouble and Found It Son Straight Down the Barrel of a Lawman's Gun I'd Try to Run But I Don't Think I Can If I Move I'm a Dead Man Ain't Livin' Long Like This I Can't Live
  8. 8. Aint No Sunshine - Ain't no Sunshine When She's Gone It's Not Warm When She's Away Ain't no Sunshine When She's Gone And She's Always Gone Too Long Anytime She Goes Away Wonder This Time Where She's G
  9. 9. All I Really Want To Do - I Ain't Lookin' to Compete With You, Beat Or Cheat Or Mistreat You, Simplify You, Classify You, Deny, Defy Or Crucify You. All I Really Want to Do Is, Baby, Be Friends With You. No, an
  10. 10. All Uncovered - Lying in Bedrooms Is Easy, It's Not Like It's Five Years Ago. But Lately Your Over My Body, Is That Just the Place That I Want You to Be? Look At the Pictures We've Gotten, Like Signa
  11. 11. American Woman - American Woman, Stay Away From Me American Woman, Mama Let Me Be Don't Come Hare Hanging Around My Door I Don't Want to See Your Face no More I Got More Important Things to Do Than Spend My
  12. 12. Another Brick In The Wall - Daddy's Flown Across the Ocean Leaving Just a Memory Snapshot in the Family Album Daddy What Else Did You Leave For Me? Daddy, What'd'ja Leave Behind For Me?!? All in All It Was Just a Bric
  13. 13. Any Day Now - Touching Down, It's a Frozen Town Look Around, I Grew Up, I Fell Down Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes Except the Red Lights Nobody Changes, Nobody Changes Wanna See Them Tonight Ever
  14. 14. Anything But That - Pretty Lady Next to Me, no More Tears Yeah, no More Crying Not to Late to Start Again, Keep On Moving, Keep On Trying Too Much Pain For One Life Too Much Pain For a Loving Wife Starry Eyes Ha
  15. 15. Baba O'riley By The Who - Out Here in the Fields I Fight For My Meals I Get My Back Into My Living I Don't Need to Fight To Prove I'm Right I Don't Need to Be Forgiven Don't Cry Don't Raise Your Eye It's On
  16. 16. Beach Music - One Or Two More Times Inside My Head, and What's It Stand For Racing Time, the Temporary Far Away From Your Door Once in a While, I Find I Run One More Mile Though I Know You're Not My Idea
  17. 17. Between The Wars - I Was a Miner, I Was a Docker I Was a Railwayman Between the Wars I Raised a Family in Time of Austerity With Sweat At the Foundry, Between the Wars I Paid the Union and As Times Got Harder
  18. 18. Bicycle - I Can't Find My Bicycle How Did I Get Home? Hurts to Hold My Head to the Phone Where Did All My Money Go? Can You Tell Me, Did I Lose It? Lose It All... Don T You Know? Man I Feel S
  19. 19. Boneyard Tree - Something Hanging Down On the Boneyard Tree Something Hanging Down On the Boneyard Tree Little Girl I Loved You So Much Why'd You Go and Give Away Your Touch Something Hanging Down On the Bon
  20. 20. Born Afire - What Happened to Me Today? the Traffic Breeze It Blows Slowly. the Lonely, Early Morning Canteen, Strolling. the Fire On My Inside Fought to Drown Me. Was I Born Afire Or Set On Fire.
  21. 21. Chasin' Amy - I Graduated On May 13th Threw My Cap in the Air Had Too Much to Drink Told Everybody That We'd Stay Friends Forever Well It Was 3 A.m. When She Drove Me Home We Were a Couple From That Nigh
  22. 22. Grow Young With You - The Cool Grass of the River Bank We Were Lying There, We Were Soaking Wet Feeling Things We'd Never Felt We Were Jumping in Deep As We Could Get That Night, That Night The Moon So Bright
  23. 23. How Cool Is That - She's the Last Girl I Thought I'd Ever See Here But There Stands the Preacher's Daughter Holdin' a Beer A Tatoo of An Angel On the Small of Her Back How Cool.... Is That She Probably Don't
  24. 24. I Don't Know a Thing - Black Smoke Rolling From My Old Rambler I Pulled Into Joe's Auto Supply Desperate For Some Kind of Answer Ol' Joe, He's a Friend of Mine I Said, Hey Joe I've Got a Problem And I Told Him Ab
  25. 25. I Miss You The Most - Skippin?school When I Was a Senior My Brother's Id and Some Cheap Beer Freebird Blasting On the Radio Mama Didn't Like It But I Let My Hair Grow And I Remember You and Me Drawing Hearts
  26. 26. I'll Go Crazy - You Say You Wanna Let Me Go Well There's One Thing That You Should Know I'll Walk Away Willing And You'll Never Even Hear Me Leave I'll Go Quietly I'll Go Silently But I'll Go Crazy Wi
  27. 27. Practice Life - Oh Yeah. She Said She Didn't Love Him, And Maybe She Never Really Did. She Could Move Back to Her Mommas. And They Could Split Time With the Kids. She Just Noticed, Her First Touch
  28. 28. She's More - I Like Blue Eyes, Hers Are Green Not Like the Woman of My Dreams And Her Hair's Not Quite As Long As I Had Planned Five Foot Three Isn't Tall She's Not the Girl I Pictured At All In Those P
  29. 29. Shine On Me - You Changed Mylife You Saved My Soul You Let Your Sweet Love Shine On Me I Found My Strength When I Lost Control You Let Your Sweet Love Shine On Me Reflections of the Pain and Fear Are Clo
  30. 30. Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man - Baby Light a Couple Candles, Lock the Bedroom Door Put On Some Sweet Soul Music, Throw a Blanket On the Floor Surrender to My Patient Hands, All Week I've Been Your Husband, Tonight I Wanna
  31. 31. Waitin' On Sundown - Jimmy Was Waitin' On Shelby Jean In the Parking Lot At the Dairy Queen He Knew She's Gonna Be There Soon Then They'll Blow This Town Like a Cheap Balloon She Came in Cryin' This Morning
  32. 32. You Made Me That Way - If I Seem Like a Little Too Much to Handle If I Laugh Like An Angel On Judgment Day If I Burn Like the Sparks of a Roman Candle Oh Baby You Made Me That Way If My Heart Starts to Pound Lik
  33. 33. You Won't Ever Be Lonely - Life May Not Always Go Your Way And Every Once in Awhile You Might Have a Bad Day But I Promise You Now You Won't Ever Be Lonely The Sky Turns Dark and Everything Goes Wrong Run to Me and I'l

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