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I Lose

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There will never be anything for me
I'll never fit in socially
Beneath the bottom is where I'll dwell
Cursed to suffer in a living hell
Unaccepted, you can't understand
Life on my own as opposed to your plan
Learning fast from my mistakes
And every wrong step that I take
Quick to fix what I've done wrong
Your faceless cult, I'll never belong
Blind faith has gotten you nowhere,
Ignorance has lead you astray,
Don't ask me if I'm okay
It's just another fucked up day
But I remember a time when I didn't think
The world would be better without me
And I could grow up to be what I wanted to be
And never question society
Light shines on new faces
I venture to new places
That make me want to
Never face this.
I'm feeling alone in these crowded rooms
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