Letras / letra C / Craig Owens

  1. 1. A Poem By Adam Wolfson - I'm not trying to be your man. I'm just trying to make you understand The point. It's cold as hell in November in Detroit. Even though it's Saturday, I'm staying in tonight. Did you thin
  2. 2. All Based On a Storyline - Am I the only one that sees just how terrible she is to me? While we trying to fix things for her, she was wrong and I did nothing. But I was the one treated like a criminal for days, on
  3. 3. Anna Begins - My friend assures me it's all or nothing I am not worried- I am not overly concerned My friend implores me for one time only, Make an exception. I am not not worried Wrap her up in a package
  4. 4. Big Apple Big Heart - I'm about to get on a plane to New York City I'm about to leave this town that's left me feeling so empty It's just me and my guitar and my words Yeah, together we can take on this world N
  5. 5. Boys! Lets Raise Our Glasses! - The best we can The best we can ohhhh And so they tell me To write a song they wanna hear Don't make it too dark But get to their hearts Not everyone's as sad as you are Relate to
  6. 6. Cardigans And Swing Sets - When I feel so alone I can't even look down When no one is there when I look around with no purpose or self control It leads me to the darkest of corners and you light my way out L
  7. 7. El Dorado - Gaily bedight, A gallant knight, In sunshine and in shadow, Had journeyed long, Singing a song, In search of Eldorado. But he grew old- This knight so bold- And o'er his heart a sh
  8. 8. First One, I Love You So Much More - Joanna, you know I love you And the way that you love me too So I decided to write a poem Of all the silly things that we do Like making a list of all 50 states Visiting each and every o
  9. 9. Fuck You Head - Is she hanging out with him? Or is she ready to begin our life I know that she's blowin' with the wind Yes she's just another kid Is she lying to me? So fuck you head I ain't listening
  10. 10. My Love - My love Called me last night My love Called me last night She said "if you don't change, I will" My love You could've called A little sooner But you know I wouldn't hold
  11. 11. Products Of Poverty - It's a start of a new year, And as always, things are exactly the same. I'm watching my closest get so far from me, And I've never felt so alone. I said all I could say, Not a single thi

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