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  1. 1. Bent On Broken Nerves - here sits the greatest liar, biting at his kneecaps, because he can't control himself. they all want to feel that broken, they stand around him staring, at his obvious regret. bored hope,
  2. 2. Do You Feel At Home? - Nobody's around Except the basement and the trap sets And the feeling that you're leaving That's not much worth believing Nobody is here So I guessed it that you left me And to stay he
  3. 3. Dress To Please - I'll cut my heart out and leave it here on the stage And you can come pick it up after the show And when you find out what I really meant you let me know I'll cut it out, cut it out, cut my
  4. 4. It Is Fun To Grow Ornamental Peppers - Fat, fat, fat, fat in a cage. The days are so fat, So big. You're a hoe, You backstabbing cunt, So fuck you, And your fucked up house. You cut off my eye, Just to laugh, Bit
  5. 5. Jean's T.v. - I tell them every dream I've ever had I tell them every place I've ever gone And if there's a fear of empty space I need to be surrounded by someone Waiting for a chance that things could
  6. 6. Life As Expected - Pull back the sheets And climb in bed with me We can talk all night I'm not tired, are you? I'm not tired, are you? Did you like the party? Did you see any pretty girls there? Not th
  7. 7. Lock 'n' Chase - Mark the calendar for May Wasn't May the month we started? To stick around for magnet compatibility I'll offer up my cue It's been too long my dear This sickening dance I've got the ca
  8. 8. My Collapsing Frame - Would you do that If it really meant They would see you And would be convinced That you love me And you didn't care Who knew it? Please believe me When I say it's true I have nev
  9. 9. My Other Car Is a Space Ship - Staring out from the library window The pictures of girlfriends taped to the Windsheilds of the cars That sit in the back lot There's nothing you can do, no matter how hard she tries It wo
  10. 10. My Other Car Is a Spaceship - Staring out from the library window The pictures of girlfriend's taped to the windshields of the cars That sit in the back lot There's nothing you can do no matter how hard she tries It won't
  11. 11. Peppermints - And your purse is full of peppermints and promises And you're knee deep in sentiment and butterscotch And you used my heart to dot your "I" And you used my heart to dot your "I" Don't say, do
  12. 12. Radio Announcer - Cup of crushed ice to go with the questions. but you don't know how this makes me feel! Hot, cold. Hot, sold. But I don't have the special someone (I just can't know, I just can't say) And I do
  13. 13. Raining Holiday - My eyes are empty The house is quiet now Today has claimed and ruined me My pulse is waiting As boredom strangles it I might sleep but I won't dream Is that what I need? Is tha
  14. 14. Refused By Light - The light refused us with designed intent Into darkness we retreated to seek defense With patience and logic new hope extends To be different, to be lucky, and to die happy So I go down, d
  15. 15. The Role of The Hero In Antiquity - I fell asleep today It rained all afternoon The apartment felt too small I take up to much room The night has worn away But she hasn't disappeared I wanted to say goodbye But the lon
  16. 16. The Walk-around Problem - It's the same plan inscribed on me Cause there's only one design There's some time allowed to me But Saturday came, and went, and I... And I still want, and I still need Just don't remin
  17. 17. The Way Things Had To Be - Why do we always end up like this? The same position on the couch Staring into each other's eyes But do we have to talk about this now And do I have to feel like crying? Because I... I
  18. 18. Tulane - Tulane, Tulane. Tulane, Tulane. Tulane, Tulane. Tulane. Oh, Tulane. Oh, Tulane. Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. Tulane. Yeah, yeah. Whoa, whoa. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Whoa, w
  19. 19. Uneventful Vacation - Beauty is empty eyes Completely void of any warmth or light that complicates our sight Meaning succeeds itself and from the ashes raises new beliefs That I've never felt Doomed to fail, 'c
  20. 20. We'll Always Have Paris - Baby, I know you hate it When I call you that But it's the only word That half-describes The way you're acting tonight And at the restaurant Where all your ghosts still haunt you Jus

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