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  1. 1. Book of Black Earth - Rise from the Pits of The Ancient Rise from the Abyss of Old Come forth From the Olden Narr Maruttu Rise - I Summon Thee Come by ANU Come by ENLIL Come by ENKI Come forth Elemental Invocation
  2. 2. Chtonian Lifecode - Chtonian Lifecode Chosen by Death Chipped from the Flock We are the Formless Ones Torn from the Flock We Are the Sons The Sons of Lucifer Scorn With a Mouthful of Entrails A Fist Full of Stee
  3. 3. Crawling Chaos - Crawling Through Masses Of Corpses and Limbs Covered by Blood From the Innocent Weak Embraced by The Darkness And Left all Alone In the Pure Fucking Chaos Of Cruel Crushing War Crawling Chaos
  4. 4. Enemie - Again Arise in Ashen Air Shadows whisper In Ancient Tounge This Path Ever Winding I Walk with Leaden Steps Night After Night Through Gardens of Stone Over Rivers Red My Passage Down He Grin
  5. 5. Flies to Faeces - We Are The Fallen And We Fell Without Hope To Ever Rise Again We Are The Knowing The Few Enlightened Souls Never Given Faith From Olden Scripture Never Damned by Rapture We Are The Fallen
  6. 6. Hammered (Down) - No Love Beyond Skin No Glow from Within No Shine in My Eyes More Downers that Highs Each Scar It's Tale From Each Time I Failed Each Scar by a Hook Leaving More that It Took Hammered Dirt Dow
  7. 7. Invitation To Hell - Awake Asleep The Wispering Voice Down the Labyrinth of No Return It Grows the Inner Pain As I Fall Asunder Nightmare Journey To the Other Side Reflections of Torture Screaming Voices All Is
  8. 8. The Horror the Horror - Subversion - No Turning Back Implosion - Total Collapse Pendelum Swings The Axe Greets the Neck Negativity Evil Energy Anti-matter Supremacy Eagerly Awaiting the End With the Banner Black Rai
  9. 9. Unholy Communion - Cannibal Communion Meat off the Bone Limbs Strapped Bare Flesh on Cold Stone Tearing and Ripping With Cold White Fingers Gnawing Warm Flesh For the Hunger That Lingers This Is His Body This

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