Letras / letra C / Chastain

  1. 1. Angel Falls - Little miss divine, she's on th eroad to ruin Searching for a love to clear her clouded mind Through the smoke she dreamed there was no disillusion On the beaten path she found an uphill climb So
  2. 2. Angel Of Mercy - There’s never been any reason Or escape for the treason You just think of a time far away I feel your flame and your anguish I know your plans and your last wish You just can't face another day
  3. 3. Barracuda (Heart cover) - So this ain't the end - I saw you again today Had to turn my heart away You smiled like the sun - kisses for everyone And tales - it never fails! You lying so low in the weeds Bet you gonna ambu
  4. 4. Blackening - Fly out of my soul Deities are misconstruing Lost sanity, dirt under nail scratching onward Pigs I wallow with, swimming in excrement Will this rectify some meaning Save me from myself I think
  5. 5. Bullet From a Gun - You better get out of my way! Got to feel the power Nothing else can come between The adrenaline rush Getting higher when i speed In gear,all clear, here i come Like a bullet from a gun
  6. 6. Chains of Love - I hear your heartbeat within my dreams I feel your passion and all your needs I am not your slave, you can not believe Pain and desire for infinity Chains of love I sense your hu
  7. 7. Child of Evermore - Far past the shadows, deep in my sight I see the secrets of the chosen few The colors cascade From the river of thought My visions within Shall always prove true I am the lead
  8. 8. Conformity - If I wasn't evil Would I sit upon your throne And if I was desire Would you still be throwing stones I won't be the one to be a slave to you I won't be silent to serve your point of view You di
  9. 9. Desperatly - Why do we do this to ourselves, why do we pretend It's not the same, it's all the same So now we live a lie without reason Can you justify this loneliness Tell me what I have to do to make you un
  10. 10. Destructive Ground - Who died and made you god to tell me what I should do How I choose to live my life is not up to you What you need is a dosage of reality Get the axe, I need to gain my sanity Only one solution, i
  11. 11. Endlessly - Endlessly Look through the haze So far away Another time, another place But not today Can't hide your feelings I know your heart cries Endlessly Endlessly Time to g
  12. 12. Every Emotion - Every Emotion In a crowded room I sit alone And think about you, why I don't know What has come over me, why do I feel this way The distance brings me closer, when you're away I can't forget you
  13. 13. Evil For Evil - I fly across the desert sands As my duty demands The sun beats down with no remorse I know the end's at hand Evil for evil There is no return Evil for evil Allah, I come to yo
  14. 14. Feel His Magic - He lives away alone, in a space no one has been His wisdom is great, a gift, born from within He knows all and sees everything Feel his magic He reads what you think and he knows just
  15. 15. For Those Who Dare - Strike out! Move on forward It's all there for you and I Don't listen to your own doubt, no Just think of what's you own prize [Chorus] Carry on to your heaven Carry on thru the end It's all f
  16. 16. Foreveremore - We are the wind and the rain from above We cast no shadows as we face the sun In the morning I'll be there with you We have conquered, the world is at our feet We have the answers for
  17. 17. Forevermore - We are the wind and the rain from above We cast no shadows as we face the sun In the morning I'll be there with you We have conquered, the world is at our feet We have the answers for all that we
  18. 18. Fortune Teller - The tarot speaks the truth, so shall the runes The oracle is truth, I shall face it soon Tell me when does it end Show me where to begin Fortune teller My time is in your hands
  19. 19. Hamunaptra - Forbidden love, relentless hope Karma connects between the souls Broken in pieces, time unfolds Torture for love is beautiful Lost to the slaves, that we've become Two souls divided by
  20. 20. House of Stone - It's been a cold day in hell And I've been frozen in these tracks again Your words don't ever gel Becoming senseless, still I raise my hands again And I'm still lost in your restraint Still pret
  21. 21. I Am the Rain - They write the books, they set the rule They say do this to get somewhere I'm still here We choose this life, let's face their pack We've got a strength that they can't see We all believe [Chor
  22. 22. I Know the Darkness - I know the darkness I know the darkness I feel so cold, it has begun I really know, who is the one No one cares, no one believes What can be fair, take what you need I know the darkness I know
  23. 23. In An Outrage - I wanna thank you For your inspiration You've made me stronger Through intimidation Survivors till the end And we never give up In an outrage, in a outrage I can't belive it, so hypocri
  24. 24. In Dementia - Around the corner There's a vicious appetite And you won't be The first to die Denial, admittance Over and again The like of Screaming sacrifice In dementia In dementia Voiceless apparition
  25. 25. It's Too Late Yesterday - Damn the fates, sweet destiny is lost There's no escape, we know the final cost We've forever lost the light To the stage of the past and it's ways You can cry out and scream aloud but
  26. 26. Light In The Dark - The morning cries a lonely song, for something that's real A look around, a trail of tears, the emptiness she feels I close my eyes, I move away, and I hear the silence of my thoughts You're the l
  27. 27. Live Hard - I walk the stereets late at night Searching for relief I know today could be my last For that's my belief I treat each day as the final stand Each day I gain all that I can LIVE
  28. 28. Love and Hate - I feel so alive You've got me feeling satisfied You're saying something You'd like to see me On my knees for you (wouldn't you?) Love and hate Love and hate You manifest the pain I welcome i
  29. 29. Lucky To Be Alive - Suicidal tendencies seems a passion for pity's the diasese Wake the dead, inform them 'cause they haven't got a clue Get a life, stand up man and fight that fight Without hesitation the time th
  30. 30. Malicious Pigs - Lying, cheating these fair weathered friends Trusted killers of the faith I opened up to you And I belived your every word, you seemed to care You seemed to care sincerely I know you know wha
  31. 31. New Beginnings - So much weighing on my mind Bitter love was so unkind Left it all without a dime But still I'm richer now Lived a life within a lie Everyday I thought I'd die So much stress with
  32. 32. Night Of Anger - We wait for the dawn, it can't be too long Our freedom awaits at the battle We might not return, but we must serve our turn For our cause must change this injustice It's the night, it's the night
  33. 33. Not Much Breathing - You are a liar But I'm still inspired Not much happening here Not much breathing Can you tell me why we're far away Your line is repeating You kept us there by here Not much happening here No
  34. 34. Once Before - Sometimes we're tested, my time came now Out of nowhere, recalling all my doubt In your presence I question my voice Knowing inside of us there's more than one voice Take me, tell me, we've gone
  35. 35. Paradise - There is a curse growing thru the land It'll rule your body and your mind, that's the plan Living a lie, it'll catch up to you You better hold your ground before you're thru Every day
  36. 36. Please Set Us Free - I feel their eyes staring hopelessly Saying goodbye to tomorrow You hear them cry and you hear them scream Please set us free Outer space for the master race Tell me what good does that do you o
  37. 37. Rule The World - It's all there, can't you see You can be all that you want to be You can have it all, you can rule the world Just belive in you, you can rule the world When i look in your eyes I can see th
  38. 38. Secrets Of The Damned - Born in blood, thru the ages, the mystery lives on The power thrives, or so it seems In the minds of the weak Secrets of the damned Don't let them in, it's mind control You needn't answer their
  39. 39. Seven - A seal is broken in prophecy And you are chosen to live All this been forseen It's said we?re living in the final days Not much longer now It's time to kill the hate Or is it all to late Seven
  40. 40. Share Yourself With Me - Drag me down, take me out Make me see the light Take it your way, throw me out I feel you in the night Trap me in, suck me dry Your eyes become the light Look at me, tell me how
  41. 41. Sick Puppy - What more do you want now? You're not a good liar Not as good as me And I know you better Better rhan you think And I can't get you out of my head Doesn't matter what you've said You're the dr
  42. 42. Sick Society - You van't walk the streets at night You better lock your doors You better look in the shadows It's not safe no more You see it on the tv news How many killed today The numbers grow, it's out of
  43. 43. Soldiers of The Flame - They blacken the night They strengthen the fight They're demons and gods to us all Some call it an omen Or a prayer that was stolen From under the master's sight They are soldier
  44. 44. Souls The Sun - I knew a man who was a visionary man I'd say a true philosopher who liver his life a different way he asked me if I understood what makes everyone of us alive and if I ever thought about
  45. 45. Sugarcaine - Seven after midnight, smoked her last cigarette She is waiting on a stranger, paying off a debt She's giving blood for a little life of her own You know to ease that pain She gets high on Sugarca
  46. 46. Take Me Back In Time - I've seen today but the reason's there no more Tomorrow brings the same, something I can't ignore All will return from all that we have learned All that will be we shall never see Take me
  47. 47. Take Me Home - Close your eyes and surrender The peace is there within yourself Realize, you are not alone So close and yet so far One day we shall be there again Be there again Take me home
  48. 48. The 7th of Never - We're resiliant, we'll defy The evil cast upon us We organize the strategy For the force that we face By the light we defend the right We see the odds against us The rise and grace
  49. 49. The Mountain Whispers - No one told me it was easy But the wall I built was too high Another nature falls around us... Helpless I've been living just for myself, not aware There was another Please stop and look around
  50. 50. The Price of War - Take me home, once again Don't know where that I've been I've seen blood and I've seen hate I've seen death, face to face The price of war The price of war I can see when I sleep Things no one
  51. 51. The Vampire - She feels a presence in her soul Drawing ever nearer A voiceless calling Through the night Is becoming clearer A touch of madness fills the air And she hears the message A sense of danger with
  52. 52. The Voice of The Cult - Face to face with adversity We'll never back down Our numbers grow before the dawn Itt all comes around Raise you hand and follow the call Sacrifice for the flock The music grows lo
  53. 53. The Wicked Are Restless - I've told you all the things that nobody knows This part of me is where you'll grow No rest for you, a trial to see They have come here with me The wicked are restless, they're calling
  54. 54. Those Were the Daze - Well, I'm standing at the station Got my suitcase in my hand It's too bad, couldn't think of a solution For the problems that we had It's so sad Still life goes on, but the good times remain An
  55. 55. To the Edge - Take me from this earth To where you roam I never wanted To be left alone But then you took your life Away from me I never wanted But that's what to be Oh, tell me why I've searched the rain
  56. 56. Tongue - It's not for me to say what you should do Can I make a suggestion, well I suggest that you Save your pride for the inside, yeah You should be in submission You should be on your kneees Don't wan
  57. 57. Tortured Love - Still caught up in the mystery you are Don't want to go there, but my mind just takes me Back to all those things you said The time still frozen in my head Save me from the cold, I don
  58. 58. Violence in Blame - Hey mother, why don't you tell the truth Your sugar coated cande is turning black and blue The silver linings faded, why don't you feel the rain When it's coming down all around you turn and walk
  59. 59. We Must Carry On - We'll be defiant We'll do as we feel We must carry on No one can stop us We're far, far too strong We must carry on We can't hear their empty words We got the need and the nerves
  60. 60. When The Battle's Over - Looking for gold In the face of the night We're all driven by passion Darkness surrounds What a horrible light Can't face distraction Over and over and over again I hear th
  61. 61. Women Are Wicked - You think you know me Well but you don't know me at all let me tell you Why do you treat me like i'm dumb When i'm the one who makes you come Over and over fill me up I'm so empty it's what

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