Letras / letra C / Charles And Eddie

  1. 1. December 2 - I wake up thinking that my brother´s here Can't accept he´s gone away to the other side I feel him watching over me sometimes It’s the only time I ever to feel like smiling Heaven Please
  2. 2. Father To Son - A single mother Struggles hard Her child´s neglected In her own backyard An absent father The TV´s on A little reminder That hope is gone At Christmas time There will be no tree
  3. 3. House Is Not a Home - It’s four o’clock in the morning You haven’t called I know we have got some problems We need to solve I know I made a few mistakes That I can´t take back But girl you got to know I love y
  4. 4. Hurt No More - Maybe I Could have been better baby Maybe I Could have been a better man You walked out on me Left me all alone Hurtin´ for ya´ honey Now I don’t know where to go Oh I Don’t wanna h
  5. 5. Love Is a Beautiful Thing - This is what I believe.. Been so long since I met you And all the changes we've been through And all this time I can't forget you Everywhere I turn I think of you And I..I wanna love ya bab
  6. 6. N.y.c. - I was hanging out on Joy´s front steps It was the summer of love We were in New York City Vibe was cool with the radio on I think it was Sly singing “Que Sera Sera” My mother kept saying Yo
  7. 7. Shine - Wherever you go You shine You need to know You shine Anything you want to be Be 'Cause you give me hope When you shine I remember times that you have helped me out You would alw
  8. 8. Unconditional - A little child Doesn´t know If she is poor On winter tile As she crawls Across the floor Naivert can shine bright as the sun In a precious little angel having fun Now her mommy F
  9. 9. Vowel Song - You been talkin´ Talkin´ to me I been watchin´ you From way across the room You been lookin´ Over my way Is it you or I That´s gonna make the move Gonna make you say… Ooh, ah,
  10. 10. Where do We Go From Here? - Been around here long enough to know That this love is not forever Just too hard to let it go We both know that we´re supposed to walk away But we never do Where do we go from here Tha
  11. 11. Would I Lie To You - Look into my eyes Can't you see they're open wide Would I lie to you baby Would I lie to you Don't you know it's true Girl there's no one else but you Would I lie to you baby Would I li

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