Letras / letra C / Cardamon

  1. 1. a Burden Less To Bear - I have been poisoned by your touch Eyes, appearance You dragged me down into your world Whispering lies in my ear My vision is clear now Your trap lost grip on me The spell is gone, as lo
  2. 2. Sleepless World - We refuse to comply To how all others live and die We won't be swallowed by the grey Living life to fade away Day turns into night unnoticed As we try to own our mind And the only thi
  3. 3. When Space And Time Collide - Chorus: Tonight I wish that I Could have a moment without time Imploding nothingness When space and time collide Tonight I'll secretly fly To a place where I won't feel so obliged So
  4. 4. Where They Hide - Our dark side sometimes takes over And words that should not reach ones ears Create a painful truth about Hidden hopes and fears Where they hide... Unspoken thoughts they make their w

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