Letras / letra B / Budapest

  1. 1. A Black Comedy (friend Till The End) - Standing in a corner, face the wall and close your mouth. Infilltrate aurora with your laughter and your doubt. Well please excuse me, I?m still here. Meet a friend, he knows just what you need to ge
  2. 2. Abdicate - I think my reign is over I think my crown has gone And I bow nervously And back off to my corner Cause I was in my castle Resplendent on my throne Surveying everything Everything I own But no
  3. 3. All This Time - All This time I see, Finally I see,eventually A place that’s meant for me, Created just for me to be. Tell me where to go, tell me where to go. I’ll be there before, be there before you know. I
  4. 4. Amber Glow - Hello again, I’ve been here before. Mirror stare, I’ve seen you before. I was pulled down by the undertow, Couldn’t get away. Swimming in the holy water, At least this way it’s free when ever. C
  5. 5. Any Old Story - Tell me a story, any old story, just get me out of here. I got my demons, my feelings, what’s left anyway. Keep the truth so far away from me That’s all I ask of you to do for me. The story, the
  6. 6. Before I Fall Apart - Languishing inside the caves tonight I’ve done all I can to elude daylight Not a victim, not a cry for help I know what is happening, and it’s nobody’s fault Right here right now is where I’m goi
  7. 7. Below The Radar - Keeps himself below the radar Until the fall outs’ gone Takes twice as long To get where he is going As long as nobody knows The weekend pulled him under from The weekdays killing time Until h
  8. 8. Calm of the Water - Sun falls into the sea Extinguished just for me Smoke cascades the sky And No one questions why Calm of the water Calm of the water Leave the water, come settle me Calm of the water Calm of t
  9. 9. Censored Memories - Streams of memories shrouded in orange glow. Some twisted in time, feels like it’s yesterday. Black and white stories I see Watered down and censored for me. I can’t find truth in the mind. I wi
  10. 10. Clock Face - I was miles away thinking about something yesterday, Something I’m doing more each day, all the time. Is it a message? Is it a sign? Is it the time to draw a line? How do I know? But it doesn’t fe
  11. 11. Easy Water - Spent my life looking for someone, just realised I am someone, And I was someone from day one, the days spent searching have all gone. Dug up the lawn without checking upstairs, A bit uncomfortabl
  12. 12. Evade The Pain - Rounded up the problems that I’m feeling here today. Wrap them up and hide them out of sight and far away. Take the ball and chain away that always keeps me down. The sun won’t always shine just ‘
  13. 13. For What It's Worth - I see me breathing in, but there’s no life entering, Into my soul, just a space, just a hole. For what it’s worth, I will not love again. Tear the sky with your eyes, repeat your name until insane
  14. 14. Further Away - I broke into laughter, I found myself smile, Spent the last two hours, Not thinking of you, I didn’t plan to. Sometimes I look forward, Excited sometimes. Times’ still moving for me, Are you
  15. 15. Get Me Home - Voice screams out from the street below, Inconsiderate, don’t they know? I’ve got a square inch of a shoulder blade Touching air and I feel afraid oh yeah. Someone take me home Someone get me ho
  16. 16. Ghostmaker - Shut the door, policeman smiles Safe, secure for miles Head hits pillow, safe and warm Who’s picking up the pieces? Broken homes You’re busy making ghosts, not change Not change A page in hist
  17. 17. I Want You - You call me yours, no pause You say it load and proud I check the wings uneasily I scratch my head, what can I say I want you, I want you here I need you, I need you with me High walls years in
  18. 18. Is This The Best It Gets? - Is this the best it gets, Before I’m laid to rest? When I am through the gates, With old acquaintances, Embroidering the truth. Will stories be from pre-today, Or from an archive yet to make?
  19. 19. Letting You Go - I froze myself inside to get me through I know now what I must do I need to feel the warmth upon my skin Of a day just begun So I’m letting you go So I’m letting you go I know deep down the thi
  20. 20. Life Gets In The Way - Deep asleep as I awaken by a murder cry, a phone ring. Stumble around the room to find my feet. An anxious office man, asking why I never paid on time again. No excuse had better things to do. I’
  21. 21. Look You In The Eye - I got this feeling when I look you in the eye I got this feeling & I know that something died And with this feeling comes the baggage that I’ll try to hide I got this feeling it aint good in any w
  22. 22. Lost - I was lost inside the fire, bright eyes wide and clear I was lost inside the fire Smiling as I gasp for air with optimistic stare I was lost inside the fire No one plus one equals one, no matter
  23. 23. Mind Reading - Come on, lift your head, I can’t see you. You’ve got to face what confronts you. Time will change, whatever. Time to make things better. Time to find some new space, Time to age this young face.
  24. 24. My Morning Sun - My morning sun got blocked by progress There’s a square inch for the children to play And that’s ok ‘cause they all moved inside Pictures of their age sake playing underground far away Change the
  25. 25. Nothing New - Nerves of steel again, no one listening, frozen fishing Here comes self questioning, self comparison Soon turns green again, like every other time Actually its nothing that I haven’t said before
  26. 26. Oh Yeah - Oh, oh Patience Everything ends, eventually Tolerance Even strong bones break someday Oh I, I will always love you But there are some things I have to do I will shine my light upon you It`s t
  27. 27. Pressure - So crowded, over crowded. Find me some room to move. So twisted, so blistered. Give me some room to unwind. Release the valve, release the pressure. I’ll blow my veins, It’s in my nature. Comin
  28. 28. Public Apology - You know that I did the two of us a real big favour. You with the world at your feet, when it used to be at mine, Now that the hurt and the pain has all blown over. And I promise you I never wante
  29. 29. Questions - You stepped into your car, I never knew it'd be so far. The longest drive of your life and I went home. I know what you’re thinking, I know how you’re feeling always. All I want to know, did you
  30. 30. Rain Rivers - So it should all come to this A wet weekday history missed “So young” Rain rivers work around Countless feet clamped on the ground “Tragedy” Black is the colour today I’ve only just put mine a
  31. 31. Riding The Black Waves - Face down, sea bed, totally silent pressure bulging eyes Deep down, hands bound, air pockets keeping me alive Black waves of the biggest kind come Black waves of the darkest mind come Nothing I
  32. 32. Sane, Up or Down - Someone show me out of this room I’m in Confined and twisted, uncomfortably shifting around Someone show me to the room you’re in Spacious and tranquil I’ll do all I can to fit in Here I am run
  33. 33. Save The Day - See my face, it seems to be smiling again. Hear the sound as the laughter lines crack again. I made it through the other side, Instead of fire, I’m breathing life. Bitter, twisted slowly fades aw
  34. 34. Say Something Wonderful - So much to talk about, too little time on my own, So much to think about, too little reason to say, There’s so much that I feel, so much that’s there to ignore, Acquaintance and history. Mistakes
  35. 35. So Close - Nothing personal Nothing you said Nothing I found out Nothing I’ve heard And I see everything inside the room I don’t know and furthermore I don’t care for anything outside because tonight I f
  36. 36. Something Somewhere - Something stops me without warning I sit myself down. Knocks me off my feet, changes all the thoughts I think. Something somewhere. I know you’ll always be there. I know you’ll stay near. Turn
  37. 37. The Best Days of Our Lives - In this world creators of post war icons Take all the money and run, now salesmen These are the best days of our lives Passions that drove a new world Extinguished by paper out dated and used Wi
  38. 38. Time - A different time, A different place, A different world, You never know. Allocate, Immediate, And separate, You never know. ‘Cause I am torn again, And I am trapped again. Another time, A separate p
  39. 39. Time Waits For No One - Bugs to the light glow in a distant sky visible for miles Light up the heavens, glow from above The future is bright I am told So I jump on the tracks holding one way Intentions are clear for
  40. 40. Visiting Time - Uncomfortable, I park the car, forcing a smile. Distract the conversation from the reason we’re here. Dead stalks of roses in storm fallen jars. A wealth of new neighbours in misshapen grass. I d
  41. 41. Wake Up Call - Here’s the wake up call you ordered sir. Air conditioned smile, cloned bedroom style. And I’m looking through a glass again, Maybe I’m the only one. Gravity is there to bend, Fantasies to live a
  42. 42. Walking On Water - Any time I shut my eyes I’ve done so much since still the memory shines I can feel the cold still on my eyes A path where there rightly should be clear water Hard solid ground on which I stand I
  43. 43. We Are All Waiting - They say less is more, but more is not enough No one comes from where they’re from anymore The lure of the lush green grass next door When is now? Has it been? Has it gone? We are all waiting and
  44. 44. When I Fall - Such a pretty picture Worshiping the hero Perfect show of beauty Waiting for the hero Will you still be waiting When I fall, when I fall Will you still be there When I fall down, when I fall

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