Letras / letra B / Barricades

  1. 1. All For The Sake - I've walked on the frozen ground at night I've felt the moonlight on my face I've seen Your face in the dream please come take my hand I've seen you falling into the night I've seen you fa
  2. 2. Burning - Burning Burning with the power to take me away this mask shall fade burning me alive inside I can feel Your power rushing through my heart burning me alive inside I can feel Your power rushin
  3. 3. Green Light District - Green Light District There is no telling where this world is going to end bombs being dropped, innocent die but his one thruth I know about You keeping me safe. keeping me safe from harm.
  4. 4. The Love - The love Taking in fear and letting out steam deep down inside I feel to scream You're the reason I want to make it somehow hate is taking over now love is an excuse now my hate kicks You
  5. 5. This Is The Emotions I Fear - This is the Emotions I Fear I cannot handle them o God I cannot handle them help me out I cannot handle this this lump in my throat escapes And I have to follow it to it's source as a child I

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