Letras / números / 122 Stab Wounds

  1. 1. Divided Thoughts - Bowing Before Me Achieving A Violent Rush Psychotic Pleasure A Need To Kill Satisfaction In Orgasmic Thrills Handcuffed To The Bed Enslave My Perverted Divine Blindfolded Experience In Nocturnal Pain
  2. 2. Holocaust Breed - Ride The Fantasies Of The Holocaust Breed Like The Dogs Lusting For A Bitch To Share A Bone Like The Cats We Are one With Night We Possess Eternal Life Come With Us Breath the Life Feel It Growing, G
  3. 3. Hunting Humans - I Enter You Will All My Hate And Penetrate What's Left of You Now You Know That All Your Faith Cannot Stop The things I Do Haunting Memories Reappear As I Hold The Victim At Hand Hunting Humans... A
  4. 4. Hymns Of Misery - Chant The Hymns of Misery Violence Reach Out of Your Hand Arousing Feelings In My Head Innocence Amongst The Dead In A Fraction of A Second I Desolve The Serpent Lover Conform To Violence On your Knee
  5. 5. Reign Alive - This Night I Come To You And Nail You To The Floor My face All Over You Enjoy And Scream You Whore I Bring You Misery Your Body Needs To Bleed I Have To Fix Your Lips Your Cold Pale Body I Need Feel
  6. 6. The Deity Of Perversion - Burning Temptation, Lust Turned To Rage Soon Ending Your Life Feel The Cold Steel Pierce Your Neck Preparing You For The Dead Blood Stains, Broken Glass Writhing In Pain, Slowly Fading Away Ending My
  7. 7. The Torture Art - Down The Stairs He Walks Towards What He Lusts For The Grim Art on The Wall Makes Him Want More A Chamber Full of Hate Carpets Made of Human Limbs He Enjoys The Air He Breathes He Does No Longer Grie

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