Letras / números / 10k Shimmer

  1. 1. Breathe - Fill my chest with novocain Knock me out so I sleep through the worst part You know I understand the need for the pain But I don't think that's enough Don't let this moment die in vain Tie me down an
  2. 2. Dream - I think it might be nice to sit in silence for a while And not worry about where the lines fall. I've said enough to write a book and now I'm goin' wild The ringing in my ears starts to take it's toll
  3. 3. Everything - Here we are again going through endless motions Strange as it seems my friend I have been waiting for this moment Could I ask you a question, I came here waiting for you Peeling off you intentions lik
  4. 4. Good Enough - Broken bottles line the floor They nip at my heels and make it hard to cross the room The same as it was before, Your perfume fills the air and makes it hard to think things through So what's a guy to
  5. 5. Hey You - Hey you, its 12 after 2 And you're probably sleeping but I'm wide awake and dreaming I'll leave you this; the show was a hit My body aches but that's life on the stage I'll see you in October, it won
  6. 6. I Can Fly - All at once and once upon a time it was the same Searching for that cornerstone to carve my name Make the lines all fit, running side by side on the pages of my script All the while eluding fame Funn
  7. 7. Last Night - Last night I dreamed that I was standing on solid ground For the first time in a long time Every step was measured but I was relieved to be walking out in the sunshine I forgot what its like to be bro
  8. 8. Tattoo Girl - She sets herself one last time To be the canvas.In her mind She can feel the needle biting in To spread the black beneath her skin That sting that used to catch her breath Has grown tired and cold wi

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