Letras / números / 100th And May

  1. 1. A Real Boy - Am I holding back feelings that I show I guess Im just scared to tell you what I know Girl youve got me wrapped all around your words So please speak up now, man if you only knew herwhen you wish upon
  2. 2. April Weather - Keep that head held high And dont you let them see you fall Mistakes are blessings in disguise Smile when everything falls And laugh when you start to cry Know Im here to wipe your eyes You think tha
  3. 3. Breathe In - So you take in everything you can Just to make sure youre alright And the voices from within Begin to take flight So you feel free, you feel everything Just to feel alive And youre dancing round and r
  4. 4. Carolee - Ive seen the city, six times Im sure Answered all the questions that you left on my door Wrote all the answers on a Top Flight page On the bed in my bedroom where I first thought you would soon amaze
  5. 5. Dancing For Dreams - Im not ashamed of Anything that youve ever done In fact I realize That its me youve been running from The voices, the choices Everything Ive done to keep you here Is worthless, I know this That
  6. 6. Go Down In A Fight - Close your eyes, hold on tight You're gonna make it Rewind back to when you were young Can you remember? Trace back the innoncence that was lost But can you find it? -Chorus- Go down swinging,
  7. 7. Good - It almost kills me to realize that I almost held you tight You said New Orleans is where Im goin And its just about time Ill leave the faces, all the lonely places Ill leave it all behind I just
  8. 8. Goodbye To New Orleans - It almost kills me to realize that I almost held you tight You said New Orleans is where Im goin And its just about time Ill leave the faces, all the lonely places Ill leave it all behind I just shrug
  9. 9. Her Wish - She said I want someone to hold my hand In the mall, just to make the other girls jealous Someone to sing to me And someone whos more romantic than goofy Someone to throw stuffed animals at me Wh
  10. 10. I'll Always Love You - It all starts when you give that smile to me And I feel my heart beating faster Its those times when shes laying on your shoulder And all you can do is laugh Its that way she smiles when you mess up Y
  11. 11. It's So You - Here we go just me and you We can make this last forever Get in the car and well drive to LA Listen now, youve gone too far And time is running out Were in it for love or not in it at all Man this lif
  12. 12. My Best Friend - Im getting better better than this world better than this life I fear you know that that Im just a fool that Im nothing without you in February I told my heart that you would stay so before you head
  13. 13. My Darling, Please - I never said you had to leave Never said Goodbye But you walked out the door The tire tracks on the road Told me what Ive always known Youre always going to be somewhere else Youre always in my heart
  14. 14. New York In The Winter - You say dont worry, Ill be fine Well the tears on your face tell me other wise Its your unanswered questions that I cant explain But Ill keep fighting for you Instead of crying youd rather sing Only t
  15. 15. Not Goin' Back - Tell me what you know and Ill spill my guts About everything Where were you when I felt like falling Out in the rain? Im not goin back Again Sometimes love I feel you with me When its cold outside You
  16. 16. Sing Me A Song - Well maybe I try too hard for you Yea, its just like me to do that When common sense isnt the best choice There needs to be one more voice Day after day Im astounded Of what you see in me Beneath the
  17. 17. Step Towards You - When you come around You make me feel so proud Isnt it common sense When you feel like this I would dance with you Even if there was no song We could get caught if we want But playing games is just m
  18. 18. Taylor's Song - Hello dear friend I have been sitting here Just bragging about your smile And I have told many the memories that we shared Its still hard to forget them I smell your perfume when Im walking down the h
  19. 19. Thanks For A Good Time - Im sorry for the day That I saw your face I tried to help myself, but I couldnt look away Im sorry for the words That I said to you I couldnt help but tell you every word was true I guess I got
  20. 20. That's Just What We Do - Youve been everything that Ive dreamed And wished for in this lifetime With an angels smile and long blonde hair I thought I knew this Id given anything to become the boy Youd always dreamed of
  21. 21. The Words We Speak - It seems so hard to say What I feel and what I do But Im doing everything for you Dont shut your eyes my dear The past is all that you should fear Cause everything is well behind you And thats ok Yea
  22. 22. To:the Love Of My Life - Everyone has got something to show for me its this reflection promising itll find someone someday and it seems like the whole world finally has sound telling me youre worth it and I think that you
  23. 23. When I See You (the Brandon Day Song) - Theres no other way to say this Love, Ive got to sing it Gotta keep my head above the mountains That Ive climbed to be with you We were caught in something I didnt let go I told myself youd be b
  24. 24. Who I Am - You said you would dance around If there was sound You said you would paint my heart Back into placeagain I said you were everything Anyone could ever dream You said I was kindly blind No one w
  25. 25. Wishes - Look inside the mirror and tell me what you see Is it a lost or broken memory? And I cant try to find a reason why You find yourself in my arms tonight Ive tried and tried until I fell down The r

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